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Accessorise your nails like a professional with these beautifully detailed Nail Look stickers.

Use with colour polish, gel nail colours, on false nails, or even on bare nails!

They are designed and arranged to offer the perfect Nail Look, with or without base colours.


Nail Look stickers must be used with a top coat so they will last as long as the top coat.

Store at/above room temperature. Do not store in cold/hot temperature & direct sunlight.

Please note. Demonstration photo uses a mix of Nail Look stickers and extra nail decoration parts.

Nail Look Stickers

Beautiful designs
Decorate your nails with exquisite gems and parts in a simple sticker form

More than just stickers
Intricate 3D details and vibrant colours come together to create the perfect nail look

Be the Nail Artist
Create your own professional nail look easily and economically at home

How to Use

Wipe nails clean with polish remover/alcohol wipes.
(if using gel polish: wipe away unhardened gel)
(if using regular polish: wait until completely dry)
Use tweezers to pick up the sticker and place on the nail.
Press down thoroughly to strengthen adhesion and prevent creasing/lifting.
Finish with a transparent top coat. Reapply top coat after 2-3 days if necessary.


How to Remove

Remove the top coat and either use tweezers to peel off the sticker or use a wooden cuticle pusher to gently push the sticker off.